Ryo Dainobu





Born in Kumamoto(Japan) , Ryo Dainobu starts his musical experiences with the piano and the choir. After having obtained his diploma and the special prize of composition at the Kunitachi College of Music, He continues his studies at the Paris Conservatoire where he studies with Frédéric Durieux, Gérard Pesson(composition), Luis Naon, Yan Maresz(electro-acoustic), Michaël Levinas(music analysis) and Denis Cohen(orchestration). In 2010, He completed his Master of composition and prize of orchestration with the best mention.


The works of Ryo Dainobu has been played by diverse musical ensembles: Ensemble Alternance, Ensemble Cairn, Ensemble Court-Circuit, Ensemble La Machine, Ensemble Musica Universalis, Ensemble Neige, HANATSU Miroir, KOHAKU, L'Instant Donné, mmm..., ROSCO, Trio Futurum, Kanagawa University Symphonic Band, Prague Chamber Orchestra or Orchestra of the Paris Conservatoire under the direction such as Dominique My, Guillaume Bourgogne or Jean Deroyer. 

He is also invited diverse festivals or concerts as the Festival La Biennale di Musica(Venice), Ars Musica(Brussels),  Mladà Praha(Prague), Carte blanche at the Cité de la Musique(Paris), 18th World Saxophone Congress(Zagreb), Réunion internationale Gaudeamus-Montréal (Montreal), Festivalul de Muzica Noua Intrada (Timisoara, Rumania), Rainbow 21 international at the Suntory hall(Tokyo) and had some commissions by the establishment as the Radio France, the Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris, the Société Générale Group or the Atelier Musical de Touraine.


In 2012, he became a only one composer whose work was recommended in two categories (general and composers under 30) at the 59th International Rostrum of Composers(IRC) of UNESCO. This work Der Spiegel im Spiegel, commissioned by the Radio France, has been broadcasted in the 27 countries then premiered in Venice in 2013. 


Ryo Dainobu is actually professor of Kunitachi College of Music(Tokyo) and member of the Association Franco-Japonaise de la Musique Contemporaine(AFJMC).